Karen Rucker, M.S.
ECE Master Trainer


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Observing Young Children Using Anecdotal Notes (2 hrs / C2)  Observation provides a window into the child's thinking  processes, interests, skills and abilities.  Learn how to use anecdotal notes to record observations of young children and discuss how this valuable information can be used to inform program decisions and the assessment of children.  Photographs and video clips used to practice observation skills.
NOTE:  Formerly titled "Observing Young Children"

​Using Alternate Methods of Observation to Document Children's Growth and Development (2 hrs / C2)  The most common method of observation is anecdotal notes.  However, there are other methods of observation that supplement anecdotal notes to provide additional insight into children's learning.  Designed for the practitioner who already has a working knowledge of observation, this session focuses on a number of alternative strategies, including running records, time sampling, analyzing artifacts, tallies and more.
NOTE:  Formerly titled "Methods of Observation"


Using Portfolios to Document and Support Children's Development (2 hrs / C1)  Portfolios capture children's development over time and provide concrete evidence of their thinking processes.  Participants will learn how to set up portfolios and how they can be used not only as a tool to illustrate development, but also as a guide to program planning, assessment and partnering with families.

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