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STARS 101 & 102 (4 hours total - D2.15.C2; D6.08 C2; D6.09 C2; K8.15 C2 and STARS SQ.2.1)  This course meets the requirement for STARS 2 SQ.2.1 Part 1 and Part 2.  It is an introduction to the idea of Continuous Quality Improvement which is the basic premise for the Keystone STARS Quality Rating System.  In addition to the philosophy of CQI, the process of change and how to begin your journey through the Keystone STARS system will be discussed.  The following elements of assessing and building quality will be covered: Pennsylvania Core Knowledge Competencies and Big Ideas Framework, Continuous Quality Improvement, PA Early Learning Standards, Caring for Our Children Basics (CFOCB) as a resource, and supporting interactions with children and families.

​​See also K6 for "It's Not All About You...  Functioning as a Member of a Team"

K8:  Program Organization and Administration

Karen Rucker, M.S.
ECE Master Trainer