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The Importance of Supervision:  Indoors & Out (2 hrs - K7.1 C2 and STARS LM.2.4):  As early childhood professionals, we ensure families that their children will be appropriately supervised while they are in our care - both indoors and outdoors.  Discussion of the consequences of inadequate supervision, legal responsibilities, strategies for effective supervision, and the role of a supervision policy.  This class also addresses specific regulations regarding supervision.

Active Supervision to Ensure the Safety of All Children  (3 hrs - K7 C2 and STARS LM.2.4)  Six components are necessary for active supervision to ensure the safety of all children; setting up the environment for optimal supervision, positioning, scanning/counting, listening, anticipating children’s behavior, and engaging/redirecting children. The role of primary caregiving and an emphasis on the importance of maintaining ratios are included.​

​​Sofa Spuds and French Fries: Taking a Look at Childhood Obesity (2 hrs - K7.3 C2 and STARS Bonus Points for the Partnerships with Families & Communities category - see STARS Standards p. 14):  Childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, leading us to see illnesses and physical conditions previously not typically associated with childhood.  This interactive session will review some of the contributing factors and explore ways to provide choices that decrease obesity.

K7:  Health, Safety and Nutrition

Karen Rucker, M.S.
ECE Master Trainer