Karen Rucker, M.S.
ECE Master Trainer


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All Age Groups

The Importance of Supervision:  Indoors & Out (2 hrs - K7.1 C2 and STARS LM.2.4):  As early childhood professionals, we ensure families that their children will be appropriately supervised while they are in our care - both indoors and outdoors.  Discussion of the consequences of inadequate supervision, legal responsibilities, strategies for effective supervision, and the role of a supervision policy.  This class also addresses specific regulations regarding supervision.

Active Supervision to Ensure the Safety of All Children  (3 hrs - K7 C2 and STARS LM.2.4)  Six components are necessary for active supervision to ensure the safety of all children; setting up the environment for optimal supervision, positioning, scanning/counting, listening, anticipating children’s behavior, and engaging/redirecting children. The role of primary caregiving and an emphasis on the importance of maintaining ratios are included.​

K7:  Health, Safety and Nutrition